Over the past few months, we’ve been working on a number of exciting custom learning management systems – going through the motions of Needs Analysis, design and development.

It’s been a hugely rewarding experience working with such innovative businesses and entrepreneurs wh have been focused on making a difference to people’s lives with their online courses hosted on our custom elearning platforms.

We’ve felt like we’re making an impact in the edtech sector and to those affected by the effects of the lockdown, and we’re proud to share with you the product of our developers, designers, course content creators and, most importantly, our clients.

Here are some highlights:

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“The working environment here has been very open and collaborative. It’s great being able to problem-solve and bounce ideas with other creatives – and this doesn’t just entail our team…our clients have been absolutely amazing, a big part of the creative process, and a pleasure to work with.” Igor Mitic, Senior Developer

“Becoming a part of the Plume family during lockdown was always going to be a challenge, but the combination of our fabulous team and clued-up clients, working together to deliver exciting, innovative projects and functionality, has made it a real pleasure!” Joss Hutton, Project Manager