Custom learning management system development

  • No limitations with custom features
  • Pay once & use forever with no per-user fees
  • No lock-in – freedom to move your system away

We specialise in create custom LMS and membership websites:

  • Key features

    A collaborative and community-driven LMS

    Adding contextual comments to promote student discussions

  • Full Case Studies

    Personalised learning experiences and B2B tools for an employee soft skills platform

    Increasing engagement through highly personalised experiences

  • Full Case Studies

    Live webinar-based e-learning platform for 3D design school

    Creating a classroom experience for students across the globe

  • Key features

    Netflix-style video library for a mobile dog training LMS

    Purpose built video training library, taking inspiration from Netflix and App Stores

  • Full Case Studies

    Collaborative learning in lockdown – the community-driven LMS

    Designed for developers-to-be during the COVID-19 lockdown

  • Key features

    Facebook-style Group Forums for LearnDash

    All the functionality of a Facebook group integrated inside your LMS

  • Full Case Studies

    Intuitive NHS learning management system

    Eliminating the barriers to health service e-learning

  • Full Case Studies

    The custom built LMS for past papers, exam prep and more

    Instant access to past papers for students, teachers and parents

  • Full Case Studies

    Improving mental health with an LMS

    Creating a bespoke LMS with integrated therapist booking and self-help e-learning courses

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Not sure if we’re going to be a good fit? Learn what it’s like to work with Plume.


      We are not a full-service agency. Our specialists are grounded in their niche. We build, manage and support successful membership sites. That’s it.


      You’re experts in your field, we’re experts in ours. Success comes when we work together, to bring your vision to life.


      Once you’re in the family, we’ll look after you, with ongoing support, maintenance and specialist hosting/server management.

    • PERKS

      Along with free monthly consultations, our clients get access to an exclusive library of technologies that you can’t get anywhere else.


      Following your Exploration call we should both be on the same page and ready to proceed with discovery. This stage brings in our e-learning experts who will work with you to create a detailed technical breakdown and Build Strategy for your LMS.

    • DESIGN

      We always create high-res mock-ups before starting any development work. You’ll see every screen as your users would see them on the site, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to provide your guidelines and feedback.


      Finally, working in 2-week sprints, we’ll begin developing your site using the Build Strategy and designs to bring everything to life. You’ll receive regular updates throughout so you can oversee and comment on the progress we make throughout this phase.

    • LAUNCH

      With your launch date approaching, we set time aside for you to receive any training you need and give you the time to familiarise yourself with the platform ahead of your scheduled launch date.


      Following the launch of your site, we’re on hand to help you develop and refine new features and functionality.

Our experts are here to support you, long into the future. As much (or as little) as you like.

  • Support
  • Development
  • Consultancy
  • Hosting
  • Our UK-based team is on hand to answer questions throughout the design and development process of your e-learning platform or membership site. Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager who will oversee your project from beginning to end, and beyond.
    No time-zone differences. No long response times. No need for concern.

    Joss Hutton

    Project Manager
  • We have a highly-skilled, diverse team of developers each with their own specialities across WordPress, Open edX and other frameworks. We assign specialist developers to your project based on your specific requirements, ensuring streamlined development from beginning to end.
    Our developers offer a unique pool of expertise that can be tapped into at any time, allowing for seamless collaboration and problem-solving.

    Igor Mitic

    Lead Developer
  • We’re proud to bring our 10 years of design and development experience to the table. We know what’s possible. We know how long work takes. And we’re not in the habit of overpromising and under-delivering. Our advice is data-driven, allowing us to make decisions and recommendations on your LMS that saves you time and money.
    Additionally, we have a solid understanding of the key principles of web design, copywriting, sales and marketing – putting us in a unique position to offer our expert opinion on your e-learning platform or membership site, regardless of its development stage.

    Kaine Shutler

    Managing Director
  • We take the hassle out of hosting. Our specialist servers are built to handle the complex needs of a membership website or learning management system and its user’s demands. Where your average server may only be able to handle a website, ours are able to fulfil the demands of your learning environment.
    Our global content delivery networks (CDN) is a must for fast video delivery, no matter where your learners are based.

    Kelly Newcomb

    Digital Marketing Specialist

Trusted by 4872388 users across 182 systems

  • “Our old platform felt like it was stitched together, and nothing really felt like it matched our brand. We could have never imagined our platform looking like it does now. Our long-time users have commented on just how impressive it looks and feels.”

    Matt Rouse

    Director of Learning Management and Technologies, Absolute Dogs

  • “From the initial proposal to the delivery of the outcomes we have felt listened to and understood, challenged and guided as needed… But most of all we actually felt like partners – not new customers.”

    Andy Pearce

    Managing Director, On Track Learning

  • “I was incredibly impressed. The Plume team knows their stuff, but most importantly they know how to listen to a client’s needs and translate those needs into an actionable plan.”

    Matt Bramble

    COO, Leverage Lab

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any running costs with a custom build?

    Yes, there are some fees such as hosting, maintenance and third-party licensing. You may leave Plume and find alternate providers for these at any time.
  • What if we need support?

    For the first 3 months, we’ll be providing you with maintenance and support in the form of development hours, project management, training and site updates. After this initial period, you will have the option to continue with this support.
  • Will you charge licensing fees at a later date?

    We’ll never charge mandatory licensing fees for the products and services provided to you under a zero-licensing-fee agreement, although in some cases you may opt-into licensing in order to receive new versions. We will soon be launching new products that will be subject to licensing fees, but these products are optional.
  • Do I need a host?

    Your system will need to be hosted somewhere. Of course, as membership site specialists, we have a range of dedicated hosting packages specifically for membership websites. Find out more about our hosting packages here:
  • Can you help with content?

    Clients are responsible for creating their own content and adding it to the system. Our platforms include a comprehensive range of course creation and quiz building tools in order for you to do this. On some occasions we may add some content for you to get you going, but at Plume, we focus on enabling our clients to be self-reliant, encouraging you to use and manage your system without needing to contact us.
  • Where are you based? Can I come and see you?

    We are based in Bristol, UK with offices in the city centre. We have a number of platforms in place so that we can serve our international clients with any support requests and training. Given the current climate, we are discouraging anyone from visiting the office.