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  • Key features

    A collaborative and community-driven LMS

    Adding contextual comments to promote student discussions

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    Personalised learning experiences and B2B tools for an employee soft skills platform

    Increasing engagement through highly personalised experiences

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    Scaling to 1 million learners

    How we helped a client overcome the “WordPress wall” and scale to 1 million learners

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    Seamless definitions & supporting material within a course

    No more Googling for definitions and context

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    Membership website with free and premium content

    Complete with a media website, cross-platform subscription based video content and paid courses

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    Messenger LMS – the easiest way to learn, with no apps or logins

    No more usability challenges

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    Intuitive NHS learning management system

    Eliminating the barriers to health service e-learning

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    Live webinar-based e-learning platform for 3D design school

    Creating a classroom experience for students across the globe

  • Key features

    Facebook-style Group Forums for LearnDash

    All the functionality of a Facebook group integrated inside your LMS