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  • Comments on lessons are perfect for community driven learning experiences

    Keep learners engaged by showing their progress through the course (and what’s coming up)

    Bookmarking allows learners to save their favourite content for easy access in the future

    Notifications ping a user’s phone so that they never miss a lesson release, community interaction or announcement

    Secure video hosting helps to stop piracy

  • A quick-link to the next available lesson helps users to pick up where they left off

    Keep users in the loop about upcoming or overdue assignments right from the dashboard

    Each course has a private community and it’s available right from the user dashboard

    Gamification keeps learners engaged for longer and increases course completions

    A points/credit system rewards high-achievers and provides money-off new courses

  • Live webinars with Zoom integration for real-time collaboration with community engagement

    Miss a webinar? No worries – watch them back any time.

    Private messaging and communities for on-the-go engagement

    Gamification to motivate and push learners forward

    Share achievements on social media – it’s free marketing for you!

  • New notifications are pushed to iPhone/Android (or emails)

    Allow users to filter between important notifications related to their learning or marketing messages

    Social notifications drives community engagement

    Learners never miss new lesson releases for drip-fed courses

    Messaging notifications keep learners and instructors connected

    Get notified when assignments are graded

  • Community members can post text, images, video or external links to share with the cohort

    Members of the community can engage with others by liking or commenting on posts

    Community access can be granted by course enrolment, purchase history or manually by your team

    Our video hosting allows users to post videos directly, without using Vimeo or YouTube

  • Plume Messenger allows students, instructors and support staff to communicate inside the LMS.

    Users can attach images, files and links to their messages.

    Privacy tools allow you to restrict messaging between learners that share a course, and users can block unwanted messages.

    Not online? Users get notified when there is a message waiting for them.

  • Search auto-completes the user’s query to save time using AI

    Users can filter down their search to specific types of content, such as courses or videos

    Results display instantly – even before the user finishes typing their search query

    Results display if the user spells words incorrectly or uses synonyms
Dark mode LMS for late-night learning, designed for developers
An all-in-one user dashboard, helping learners to stay engaged
Mobile apps and website for on-the-go learning
Push notifications keep learners engaged with your content
Community tools allow users to learn from one another
Integrated messaging that keeps learners safe
AI powered Instant Search helps users to find relevant content in milliseconds

Case studies

  • Full Case Studies

    Improving LMS reliability and engagement with gamification, UX and custom dashboards

    …and fixing payments, staving off piracy and so much more

  • Full Case Studies

    YouTube-style video app for on-demand mobile learning

    Flexible and free-form video learning on iOS and Android

  • Full Case Studies

    Personalised learning experiences and B2B tools for an employee soft skills platform

    Increasing engagement through highly personalised experiences

  • Key features

    A collaborative and community-driven LMS

    Adding contextual comments to promote student discussions

  • Full Case Studies

    Seamless definitions & supporting material within a course

    No more Googling for definitions and context

  • Full Case Studies

    Live webinar-based e-learning platform for 3D design school

    Creating a classroom experience for students across the globe

  • Full Case Studies

    Improving conversions through UX and passwordless logins

    Addressing user barriers and concerns to improve retention through design

  • Full Case Studies

    Teaching KS3 through animated explainers and interactive activities

    Interactive e-Learning materials on courtroom etiquette

  • Full Case Studies

    Make user management easier with seat management tools for B2B organisations

    Everything your client needs to manage their users