Our work

We’re the award-winning learning design agency with a difference. We’ll let our work do the talking.

  • Social in isolation

    Collaborative learning in lockdown - the community-driven LMS

    Designed for developers-to-be during the COVID-19 lockdown

  • Landing Page design

    Increasing sales revenue by 225% with a new landing page

    With a landing page structure and customer-focused copy we can help drive more sales.

  • Dashboard

    Personal learning dashboard

    Making your learners the star of the show

  • Video on demand

    Netflix-style video library for a mobile dog training LMS

    Purpose built video training library, taking inspiration from Netflix and App Stores

  • Wellbeing

    The Wellbeing Micro-learning app for millennials

    Bite-size daily learning for improving mental health

  • Budget content

    The Curated Content LMS

    When budgets are tight and bespoke course material is not feasible, we can turn to course curation

  • Live streaming lessons

    Live webinar-based e-learning platform for 3D design school

    Creating a classroom experience for students across the globe

  • Upgrading an e-learning system

    Pay-monthly video course system

    Making courses more accessible to more people

  • Recurring revenue

    Building a subscription-based private members area

    Creating loyal fans and building recurring revenue

  • Next-level messaging

    Messaging system for LearnDash

    Providing learners and tutors with a fully integrated LearnDash messaging tool

  • Knowledge base
    Knowledge base

    Cutting support requests with a knowledge base

    Saving £19,000 per year in support costs

  • Going mobile

    Mobile-learning for healthcare training

    Simple e-learning for on-demand learning

  • Online Training Videos

    Get qualified and network with other professionals

    An e-learning system with a practitioner directory and student forums

  • Reporting

    Reporting tools for progress and business metrics

    Collect meaningful data and demonstrate the effectiveness of your courses

  • Pre course assessment
    Pre-course assessments

    Adapting course material to individual learner abilities

    Suggesting courses based on a user's skill level

  • Contextual comments

    A collaborative and community-driven LMS

    Adding contextual comments to promote student discussions

  • Private tuition and online courses

    Improving mental health with an LMS

    Creating a bespoke LMS with integrated therapist booking and self-help e-learning courses

  • Up-sell training

    Up-selling private tuition within an online course

    Increasing revenue by building in private tutoring up-selling

  • On a budget?

    Low-cost WordPress e-learning platform

    An affordable website and e-learning platform, powered by Wordpress.