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Your own iOS/Android app brings offline access and on-the-go engagement

Apps make your content more accessible to those without access to a computer

With Casting and AirPlay support, your videos can be streamed to TVs

Build any type of learning app, including Masterclass-style video courses, Duolingo-style language training and Udemy-style marketplaces

Mobile apps extend your reach for true scalability

Learners can create their own image, video or text posts within the course community

With groups for every course, the conversation is always on-topic and relevant to its members

Community tools help to create more engaging learning experiences

Taking inspiration from Facebook, users can like, comment and tag other users

Community-based learning can increase course completions by 16x

This custom look and feel make this LMS unmistakenly Google’s

With Google SSO, users are automatically logged in without entering a username and password

Users can easily see their progress and resume learning with just one click

The LMS we built for Google fits nicely within their ecosystem and feels like a Google-built product

Integrated webinars keep synchronous learners engaged for longer

Use your favourite video conferencing tech or switch it up with learning-specific webinar tools

Learners can watch sessions back any time

Automatically register learner attendance

Mix up your content with integrated collaborative webinars

Custom-made technology means custom-made content management systems

The easiest management tools are ones made with your exact needs in mind without clutter and distraction

In this example, our client can quickly build their entire course from one single screen.

Bespoke LMS content management systems allow you to wave goodbye to WordPress