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Cave Academy: Student Dashboard
Services we provided

The challenge

As an internationally renowned 3D effects school with multiple, simultaneous programs and scheduled live lessons, having a personalised area for individual learners was necessary to bring all the information about timetables, assignments and deadlines into one place.

Our solution

We designed a custom student dashboard that brought in data from the learners’ course/courses into a landing page that would appear straight after logging in.

My courses

Having a section on the student’s current active courses was a must to help keep learners engaged and committed to their weekly classes and assignments. We added in a feature that would allow learners to pick up where they left off, either going to the current lesson or task.

Upcoming classes

Here learners can easily see the dates and times of any upcoming lessons so that they can add them to their diary and click to enter the upcoming lesson without having to navigate through any other section.

Assignments and feedback

Notice board

CAVE Academy wanted to create a notice board where they could post updates about lessons, offers and their daily webinars (see below), giving them the ability to communicate with their active users without being reliant on users checking their emails or running the risk of having these updates blocked by spam filters.

Daily webinars

A part of their upselling and subscription sales model, CAVE Academy runs daily masterclasses that are free to attend. These expert-lead live streams encourage learners to engage with other aspects of the effects industry and techniques, as well as selling courses and the expertise of specific tutors.