Forgotten passwords can have quite significant impact for your business and the users of your learning management system. Here are five ways forgotten passwords impact e-learning businesses.

  1. 75% of users who forget passwords often quit after submitting a password reset (source), impacting engagement levels and completion rates
  2. The most common support request relates to login issues, which can be a significant drain on support resources
  3. Users often set weak passwords or passwords that they’ve used elsewhere, which compromises security. In fact, 81% of all breaches are due to re-used passwords.
  4. It helps to eliminate account sharing which can impact your bottom line
  5. It’s frustrating for users to have to remember passwords for accounts they may not log into regularly (such as for annual compliance training) which can increase churn

It’s no secret that a positive user experience increases engagement and user retention within an e-learning environment. Yet login screens are still one of the biggest barriers to great UX… Until now, of course.

How does passwordless login work?

  1. The user visits your LMS’ login page, enters their email and clicks “Send magic link”
  2. The LMS emails them a one-time link, acting as a login token.
  3. The user visits their inbox and clicks the magic link to automagically login
  4. Look mum, no hands passwords!

Want to add passwordless login on your LMS?

Plume clients can contact their account manager to add Passwordless login to their learning management systems.

Can’t get passwordless login on your LMS? Head over to our Learning Management Systems page to learn how we can help you to develop a custom LMS without compromise.