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Who is custom LMS development for?

If you feel frustrated that existing learning management systems don’t meet the demands of your business, then a custom LMS might be suitable. We work with all types of training, educational and health/wellbeing businesses to help them deliver engaging training without compromise.

Commercial training

Commercial training

Sell more of your courses to individuals or organisations, with commercial learning management.

Employee training

Employee training

Bring efficiency to your employee training, with enterprise level learning management systems.

Services with e-learning elements

Services with e-learning elements

Bring learning content into new or existing online services, from websites to apps.

Better for business

  • No-compromise LMS development

    However unique your vision, your own learning management system provides complete flexibility to grow it in your own direction. Make it look, feel and behave in the way that will most benefit your learners (and your business).

  • Integrations and automations

    Free up your team’s time and save money on management costs by integrating with your existing systems. Connect with:

    • Marketing automation tools
    • Your existing CRM and CMS
    • Email systems
  • Reach more learners

    Whether you’re selling courses or offering them within employee training, your LMS offers unrivalled growth opportunities.

    • Multi-language and multi-currency
    • SEO and marketing
    • Email systems

Better for learners

  • Increased engagement

    Engage your learners with powerful e-learning experiences tailored to your user’s specific needs.

    • Tailored to your user’s needs
    • More efficient and enjoyable learning
    • Gamification and awards
  • Social and collaborative learning

    Online learning can be lonely. Bring camaraderie and collaboration to your learning management system.

    • Community and collaboration
    • Tutor and peer-to-peer feedback
    • Private or group tutoring
  • Personalised & adaptive learning

    Your content can be delivered in interactive formats that adapt to the needs and learning styles of individual learners.

    • Increase engagement with personalised content
    • Give users the freedom to choose their own path
    • Make learning more efficient

Deliver better e-learning to more students

While our technology enables you, our experience in content creation, user experience and digital marketing will help you deliver better e-learning to more students.

We provide consultancy across a range of disciplines, empowering you to make better, more informed decisions that will have the greatest impact on your business.

  • Create better content

    Good content engages, entertains and educates. We’ll help you create captivating e-learning content which will push learners through until the end.

    • Copywriting and content design
    • Graphic design & animated graphics
    • Video production
    • Interactive experiences
  • Reach more students

    We’ll help you to market your courses online and get them in front of more learners.

    • Search engine optimisation
    • Content marketing
    • Social marketing & PPC
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How to get in touch

Whether you’re looking for quotes or just have a question, we’re happy to help.

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