What are the benefits of SEO?

When you search for a product or service on Google, you’re presented with a list of websites that fulfil your search criteria. Almost 50% of users click on one of the top three results, and so having your website rank in these uppermost spots will drive significant traffic to your website.

Google ranking click-through-rates (CTR)

Does SEO actually work?

With enough time and in the right hands, SEO can be an incredibly powerful marketing strategy.

But results aren’t instant; it can take months to see any tangible benefits and so you should be investing in SEO early, particularly while business is good – performing SEO as a reaction to dwindling sales won’t generate the short-term results you’ll need. If you need more immediate results, you should consider pay-per-click advertising instead.

Example in case

Take yoga classes for example. If I search “Yoga in Bristol”, the first and second result is our client, Bristol City Yoga, claiming around 35% of all search traffic.

Below our client’s listing are all of their local competitors. That’s because our SEO strategy is better, we’ve been working on it for longer and our client invests more of their marketing budget into SEO.

But our client ranks for more specific search queries too. They rank at #1 for all major yoga styles, such as “hatha yoga bristol” and “ashtanga yoga bristol”, resulting in even more traffic, specifically from more experienced yogis who already have a preferred style.

This wasn’t an overnight success, it took months of work and it still requires work to maintain these results. But the payoffs are huge.

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