242% increase in traffic for leading yoga studio

#1 on Google with 242% increase in timetable views

About the project

#1 on Google with 242% increase in timetable views

At a time when they were opening their second Bristol studio, Bristol City Yoga felt like they had outgrown their original website; it was becoming inefficient at selling their service and it was time-consuming to manage.

It was important that the new site helped them to generate more business, and we’d accomplish this using a combination of search engine optimisation, performance driven design and ongoing conversion rate optimisation – the powerful trio of a successful web build.

Driving sales from Google

The site was designed with best search engine optimisation practices in mind. Our commitment to search drives significant traffic to the site, accounting for 66% of all traffic driven to the site.

We rank at #1 for “bristol yoga” and almost every other relevant local search.

Attracting clients with the highest lifetime-value

We wanted to attract those who were familiar with yoga, but new to the city because these were the clients with the highest lifetime value. We found that more experienced yogis had a preferred style and so we created style specific pages and ensured they were well optimised for search.

For example, someone searching for “Hatha Bristol” would see BCY’s “Hatha” page at the top of Google. That page housed information about Hatha yoga, teachers that practiced that style, upcoming events and a full timetable of suitable classes. The pages became a hub for fans of that style of yoga, contributing to the significant increase in traffic.

Attracting highly retainable clients

Our style specific pages increased traffic to the site by 23.4%, attracting clients with higher lifetime value when compared to clients searching for less specific terms.

Furthermore, these clients are far more likely to expand on their knowledge by enrolling as a student at BCY’s teacher training school – a higher value service operated by their sister company, Bristol School of Yoga.

Stress-free management

Ease of use and stress-free management was essential to the redesign. Simple additions or changes to the old site took too long for office staff to make, and a convoluted site became difficult for customers to navigate, ultimately thwarting sales.

We created a bespoke system that allows the team to manage their entire site in an intuitive interface, without the need for assistance or training.

Building an inclusive business

Starting something new can be an intimidating endeavour. And for those considering trying yoga, there can be a lot of friction that causes people to give up at the first hurdle. It was essential that the site better catered for yoga newcomers.

For those unsure where to start, we created the yoga styles page, where we list all of the types of yoga on offer. We added a simple “great for beginners” badge to the styles that were most relevant.

Clicking on a style gives information on the practice, the teachers training on that style, and a list of classes available in this style. Users can then book onto a session from this very page, reducing friction and increasing the website’s conversion rates.

Conversion rate optimisation

The number of users viewing the timetables increased 287% as a result of the conversion rate optimisation and search engine optimisation carried out over the course of 18 months.