Boost sales and engagement with these 7 email templates for LearnDash Notifications

LearnDash Notifications is a powerful automation tool that can be used to assist your users throughout their learning experience on your platform. Setting them up correctly will boost sales, increase engagement and reduce the number of support requests you receive to your inbox.

As a general rule, if you want to boost sales and increase engagement through email notifications in LearnDash you need to follow 3 key rules:

  1. Be concise – too much waffle will overwhelm your users
  2. Provide direct links to the next lesson or course in your users’ learning journey
  3. Include key dates, contacts and links where possible

Setting up LearnDash email notifications

If you don’t know how to do it, setting up LearnDash Notifications is incredibly easy and can be done in just a few steps.

To learn more about setting up email notifications through LarnDash watch our video below.

Learn how to set up and manage automatic email notifications

Get the most out of your LearnDash email notifications

Aside from following the rules above, you’ll probably want to add your own pizzazz. Think about who the email is coming from; if you’re part of a wider team you’ll want to use ‘we/us/our’, however, if you’re a solo entrepreneur or course content creator, using ‘me/my/I’ will add that personal touch.

There are always going to be variables and differences from course to course, so please read over each email notification draft including our notes so that you can get the most engagement from your email notifications.

User enrols into a group/course

If your course has key dates, such as live lessons, assignments or expiry dates (after which time access to the course will no longer be available) you should add this into this email notification.

User completes a lesson

A notification like this is necessary for signposting users to their next lesson and providing written confirmation of lesson completion which might be necessary for employee training or professional development compliance.

You need to ensure you add any key information that will signpost your users to the next part of their course. Instead of adding [ld_notifications field=”course” show=”url”], you may want to add the specific URL for the next lesson available in the course.

User passes a quiz

In some cases the next part of the course may not be available (because of drip-feeding, for example), so make sure this is reflected in your email notification in LearnDash.

User fails a quiz

In some courses, repeating the course might not be an available option, so make sure you update the email notification to reflect this.

User hasn’t logged in for “X” days

The number of days you set will vary depending on the availability of your course. If you are offering one lesson every week, it probably won’t matter if someone hasn’t logged in for 5 days, but if the course has a learning path that requires someone’s attention a little everyday then you should update the email accordingly.

“X” days before course expires

It’s essential that you really take advantage of this email. Here you have the power to hook people onto another course, get them to re-engage with lessons and quizzes and/or remind people to take their final quiz for a certificate of completion.

“X” days after course expires

Similarly to the above, use this email notification to get users to engage with your other LearnDash courses.

A final tip from us…

When you go into LearnDash notifications for the first time, have a look at the options available to you, familiarise yourself with those around course, lessons, topics and user groups, as well as the shortcodes.

If you want to see more examples of email automation sequences for e-learning please read our blog here.

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