Accredited training to flight paramedics across the United States
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Waving goodbye to restrictive SaaS solutions

FlightBridge provides accredited training to helicopter paramedics across the United States. Although rapidly growing, their SaaS-based learning management system (LMS) was holding them back:

  • It was too expensive to scale due to exorbitant per-user pricing
  • The user experience was poor and not customisable to user’s needs, leading to poor technology feedback and overflowing support inboxes
  • There were no B2B-facing tools to allow their clients autonomy over their employee’s enrolments and reporting

Free to grow without limits

FlightBridge knew that if their technology didn’t scale, it would hold their business back – which is why they came to us as leading scalable LMS specialists. They wanted to be free from the common scalability barriers; pay-per-user models and unscalable tech stacks. 

For peace of mind, we architected a solution that would scale beyond their projected growth, eliminating the requirement for future rebuilds as scale thresholds are reached. We also eliminated pay-per-user pricing. This allowed FlightBridge to add more users without penalty, and it saw FlightBridge’s technology running costs slashed by around 90-95%.

The secret to cutting support requests & increasing engagement

Many businesses have separate marketing websites and LMS’ without any degree of cohesion between the two. And when this is the case, users are often expected to log in and pay for the course on one site, and then log into a separate LMS to take the course. Not only does this look amateurish, but it also introduces friction into the user experience, reducing engagement, completions and repeat purchases overall. 

That’s not the Plume way. It was important that we created a positive user experience from the discovery of FlightBridge’s courses, all the way through to payment, enrolment and completion. 

Win B2B deals with white-labelled sub-sites

What do corporate B2B clients want? It’s simple – they want their logo absolutely everywhere and the control to self-manage their users and content. So that’s what we gave them. In just 30 seconds, FlightBridge can spin up a new sub-site with their client’s branding, import their course, bulk-enrol their students and handover management responsibilities. All of this is possible without having to reach out to us, which saves time and money as their network of sites expands.

This sweetens the deal for B2B clients and gives FlightBridge a competitive advantage.