Live webinar based e-learning platform for 3D effects school

Cave Academy is an online school providing students with access to animation, games and VFX courses that are designed and lead by industry professionals.

A custom LMS

When existing solutions just won’t do

We were tasked with delivering the high quality, personal tuition experience alongside high-quality courses Cave Academy knew that only a custom LMS would be able to deliver the features and functionality needed to bring the vision of ‘classroom learning online’ into a reality.

Classroom teaching on a global scale

To guarantee students get the best opportunity to learn, Cave Academy has adopted a model that mimics classroom teaching, accessible on a global scale. Classes are limited and delivered by live webinar so students around the world can participate in lessons along with their peers. There’s a deep focus on providing students with constructive feedback on their work and encouraging students to support each others’ learning through a range of features we’ve built into Cave Academy’s LMS.

Courses that sell

We know what it takes to sell courses so we’ve created custom sales pages that focus on the course details that are likely to influence the decision-making process. Cave Academy can build effective sales pages for their courses using an integrated sales page tool – which then automatically designs and structures the page to maximise sales.

But how about making the courses more financially accessible? Professional courses come at a cost but payment should never be an issue. It’s why we’ve built a payment-plan system that allows students to pay a deposit and then the remaining balance before the course begins.

Assessments with personal feedback

Cave Academy needed a robust, custom assessment functionality to allow them to test their students in a way that brings value to their ongoing learning. With their custom LMS, students can download the assets needed for their assessment and then upload their final project and await their grade. But the real value lies in the review system we’ve implemented that gives tutors a means to provide their critique which their students can then respond to, creating a dialogue around the feedback to boost understanding and development.

The student dashboard

Students really are the focus of these courses, so creating a custom student dashboard was integral to the project. The dashboard shows a students’ courses, lessons and the assessment progress of their assignments. We were also conscious of how maintaining student engagement is one of the biggest difficulties that any online course provider faces. We factored this in by setting up an alerts system, automatically onboarding students and sending them course and webinar notifications via email so they don’t miss a thing.

Putting the tutors in control

The tutors are essential to the high-calibre of training provided at Cave Academy and we’ve made it easier than ever for them to manage their own profiles, assess their student’s work and provide valuable feedback.

Tutors are entirely self-sufficient and are no longer reliant on admins to manage their content.

E-commerce for digital assets

We’ve created a shop for Cave Academy to provide professionals with everything they’ll need for their project through a digital asset e-commerce shop. Students aren’t reliant on the store but can find a brilliant range of textures and models on offer directly from their course provider adding value to the academy in more ways than one.

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