Advanced reporting dashboard for affiliates

Giving affiliates the visibility they need to sell more online course

The challenge

Community is a key part of Absolute Dogs’ thriving business. It goes without saying that affiliates are a big part of Absolute Dogs’ social selling strategy which supports their rapidly growing online community. Initially there was no way for affiliates to track their links or earnings – so we created a custom affiliates dashboard just for them!

The solution

We added an affiliate area to the custom dashboard presenting useful data to affiliates. Having worked with affiliates before, we knew they needed visibility on where to actively share their links and see a return, as well as their earnings and vanity metrics.

Real-time reporting

Data is essential for any marketing strategy, and affiliates are no different. We were keen to include a dashboard that had real-time reporting on stats including:

  • Commission rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Paid referrals
  • Urls where conversion have happened

Giving affiliates the tools they need to engage with the program and promote Absolute Dogs was paramount – happy affiliates = happy client.

“Our affiliates are a large part of our social marketing strategy, and for us/them transparency into their efforts and earnings is essential to keeping them motivated to shout about us more.”

Matt Rouse

Chief Director of Learning Management and Technologies
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Click tracking

By seeing a list of urls where their affiliate link is present, affiliates can adjust their link sharing strategy and get key data to show the success of their link placements – giving affiliates more autonomy over their strategy than with most affiliate programmes.

Website admin control

Website admins have the control to choose between flat rate and percentage referral rate types on a global, per-affiliate, and per-product basis. We also wanted to give them the control to see all payouts and manage the registration of affiliates automatically or manually.