How a Needs Analysis can save you time and money on your elearning project

What is Needs Analysis?

At Plume, Needs Analysis (NA) is the research phase that precedes any design or development. It gives us the opportunity to take a deep-dive into your business to better understand how an LMS should work for you and provide some clarity/direction for the project. At a minimum, our research includes:

  • Your vision
  • Your business goals
  • Stakeholder needs
  • User needs
  • Scope of requirements
  • Process, timeframes and delivery
  • Investment level options

This information allows us to match you to an LMS framework, agree on a scope of requirements, visualise the project and even plan for future phases.

Through a series of collaborative workshops, the documentation we’ll create together from this process uses non-technical language that everybody on your team can understand – creating a plan that everybody can be a part of.

Why do I need it?

We create systems and solutions that are tailored to each end user, from your internal teams to your customers or clients. 

Projects that fail to complete a Needs Analysis often face challenges down the line as stakeholders identify new needs not previously outlined in the initial requirements phase. This can extend delivery times and result in unforeseen costs as we are presented with hurdles we had not previously anticipated.

By working with us on Needs Analysis, we’ll produce a fully-considered report that provides essential groundwork which can be used to enter  the design and development process with greater clarity and direction. 

This means you’ll be in a position to deploy a more cost-effective project that delivers value more quickly.

The Needs Analysis is an independent assessment. The process is just as much an opportunity for us to assess our own suitability to undertake the work as it is for you to decide if we’re the right partner. Should we find a solution that we feel might be better delivered elsewhere, we are happy to provide you with a recommendation.

What do our clients say?

What are the options?

We developed three NA programmes designed to suit any LMS project.

“Rapid” is our quickest NA service, designed to determine or validate the viability of a system or determine the needs of the business and its users. Ideal for simpler projects with costs estimated under £25,000.

“Enhanced” is suitable for projects estimated between £25,000 – £50,000. These projects may have multiple stakeholders, have requirements to connect to third-party systems, or need to tackle some unique challenges. 

“Full” is suitable for larger businesses or businesses with more unique systems where there may be many stakeholders, often with project costs estimated at over £50,000. These are complex projects with multiple unknowns that require a deeper level of research, planning and understanding. 

Then what?

Should you choose to, you’re free to say goodbye at this stage – there’s no obligation to continue working with us and you’re free to take this document elsewhere for other quotes.

Sometimes, the Needs Analysis documents sheds light onto unsustainable business models and the client chooses not to continue with the project at all. Although it may not seem like it at the time, this is a blessing in disguise – detecting fatal flaws early, before the monetary investment of the complete build.

In most cases though, the Needs Analysis documents acts as the foundational structure of the rest of the build. Because we’ve taken the time to fully understand your business, the project and your customers, we become more efficient with the build and your business generates the results it needs in a shorter period of time.

How to get started

The first step is to identify the stakeholders and to book in a discovery session to discuss the project in detail. To get the ball moving, email [email protected].

Kelly Newcomb

Marketing Manager

Having worked both agency and client-side, Kelly has experience crafting and implementing multi-channel digital marketing and sales strategies. Since joining Plume, Kelly has proved herself to be adept at driving sales and increasing customer lifetime values through sales funnel management, content, SEO and PPC.

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