Our learning technology audits are designed for Learning Management Systems, Membership sites and other learning-based products. They’re designed to help you to increase the longevity of your technology, improve your sales and retention metrics, or to help you make better use of the technology you already have in place. 

User experience (UX) audit

If your technology’s user experience is poor, it means that it’s difficult to use and doesn’t help users to do what they need to efficiently. Poor UX damages sales, the retention of users and overall customer satisfaction. 

Our UX audit identifies opportunities for improvement, to increase sales, engagement, customer satisfaction and retention. 

Our UX audits are tailored to your needs, but typically include some of the following:

  • Product usability review
  • Data analysis
  • Churn analysis
  • Onboarding analysis
  • Competitor analysis

Performance testing

Slow and unreliable technology severely impacts your reputation and the relationship you have with your customers. Products that perform poorly hampers your marketing and conversion efforts, particularly if your product leaves a bad first impression on prospective trial customers. Performance issues can occur at any time as your technology evolves and your user base grows, but often gradually gets worse towards the end of a product’s life.

Our performance testing identifies the reasons that your product is slow or unreliable and allows us to build a plan to fix the issues. This increases the longevity of your technology, improves your sales and reduces customer churn. 

Process audit

A process audit is an examination of your team’s usage of your learning technology to ensure that your processes are efficient and effective. 

We’ll identify where you can make improvements to your processes, where we can automate time-intensive operations, what technology we can implement to improve your workflow, and how you can make better use of the technology that you already have. 

Heath check

If your technology is prone to errors, you’ve probably found that customer complaints are up, engagement with your content is down, and repeat sales are unlikely. 

Our health checks provide a detailed audit of your learning product. We’ll make recommendations as to how we improve or fix the issues you’re facing which improves the longevity of the technology and get back into your customer’s good books.