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We always carefully consider how the design impacts learning and user experience; our custom LearnDash designs are built to be intuitive and allow for easier learning.


Ensure you're not restricted by the limitations of Learndash with custom LearnDash development. We'll help you make your vision a reality, no matter how big your plans.


Is LearnDash a good fit, but you feel it’s missing a few features essential for your business? Our team of developers is experienced in extending LearnDash to add any functionality.

Who is custom LearnDash design & development for?


LearnDash for commercial training

Sell courses to individuals or businesses - either through drip-feeding content or by allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Employee training-20pt LINE

LearnDash for employee training

Shape LearnDash into a closed, enterprise-level system that allows structured employee training, progress monitoring, reporting, and full automation.

Services with e-learning elements-20pt LINE

LearnDash for existing websites

We can use LearnDash to extend existing functionalities of your website/app - as well as convert existing content into an e-learning format.

Our most recent LearnDash projects

Online therapy with MyPersonalTherapy

We've built upon LearnDash to assess what kind of mental health condition a user has, pair them with a qualified therapist and then provides access to tailored self-help e-learning courses.

  • A learning process tailored to each user, allowing therapists to monitor their clients and influence how their learning is structured
  • Custom match-making system that suggests the most appropriate learning route

The Employee Training LMS

Created for an SME who wanted to bring structure and automation to their employee training, which was quickly becoming disorganised and inefficient.

  • Full compliance training access to all employees - at any time, on any device.
  • Comprehensive progress reporting and status tracking for every employee

Expanding Wellmother's reach

Wellmother provides face-to-face training for shiatsu and massage practitioners around the world. As the company grew, they wanted to provide a new form of training that would allow their clients to train and gain certificates in their own time.

  • A bespoke translation system allows learners to access courses in French, Dutch and Spanish
  • Social integration allows students on the same course to communicate and help one another

Plume suggested e-learning ideas and solutions that I didn’t even know were possible.

Suzanne yates, Owner of Wellmother LTD

How to get in touch

 Whether you’re looking for quotes or just have a question about, we’re happy to help.