How to build a course sales page to sell more online courses [FREE 30-PAGE GUIDE]

When it comes to how to sell courses online there are a million and one resources out there. From bold claims like ‘make $1million selling online courses’ to ‘This the ONLY way to sell your course online’, it’s hard to make sense of it all.

Knowing this, we’ve done all the hard work for you. 

Combining our specialist elearning marketing knowledge and adept sales skills, we’ve sifted through hundreds of live sales course pages and how-to’s in our time. We’ve seen trends shift over time. We know what have been sales gimmicks and the sales strategies that are here to stay.

If there’s a couple of things we’ve learnt it’s this:

  1. There is NO one size fits all in terms of content and copy
  2. There ARE effective tried and tested online course sales pages

And we’re going to share these with you.


Our free online course landing page ebook is available on any device!

What is a course sales page?

A course sales page is a landing page that has all of the information about your course all in one place. The main objective of the page is to sell you course, either directly or by acquiring inbound enquiries. A sales page for your online course should do all the hard work for you; increasing your course’s visibility in search engines, answering FAQs and reducing the demand on your to convert prospects into sales.

Landing page structure

In our free online course landing page ebook, we’ll go into detail about the purpose of each section and the type of content you should be filling it with to produce an effective online course sales page. We understand that not everyone is a wordsmith, but by understanding the decision making process through this online course sales template and learning more about the sales copy we can teach you how to sell more online courses.

Here’s a list of just some of the things we’ll go into:

  • Title
  • Three key points
  • Overview (the problem)
  • Benefits
  • Offering (the solution)
  • Learning outcomes
  • Extras
  • Course content
  • About the instructor
  • Social proof
  • Soft close
  • FAQs
  • Hard Close

Plus, UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to our template online course sales page below, embedded with over 5 top tips for effective copywriting in each section.

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