Zoom is a perfect tool if you’re hosting webinars or live classes for your learners. Here are some of the key benefits of integrating Zoom with your LMS:

  • Large audience support. The capacity to organise large online conferences is one of the key advantages. This is perfect if you want to  run a live webinar or lecture for your online course. Using Zoom for webinars would allow you to invite up to 10,000 virtual participants. 
  • Stream simultaneously on Facebook. Hosting any online event is difficult, but Zoom makes it much easier and simpler. It allows users to stream any conference or webinar to Facebook. 
  • Free and paid versions. Zoom provides free access to unlimited 40-minute sessions.
  • Integration with Google Calendar. This allows all of your enrolled learners to keep track of their next online meetings through the calendar. 
  • Screen sharing. With the ability for hosts to share their screen with all learners at one time, the participants are  able to add a visual element to their learning and a collaborative virtual environment is created. 
  • Screen recording. Zoom recording features allow hosts and learners to record all or parts of a webinar so they can access or share the recording at a later date. This feature is especially useful to instructors if they want to share with other students, or for learners if there is one topic within the webinar that they feel would be beneficial to rewatch.
  • Multiple presenters. In addition to screen sharing and recording, features such as sharing multiple screens simultaneously serve to improve collaboration even further and allow for courses with more than one instructor to run seamlessly.
  • Reporting tools. As a Zoom account owner, you are able to generate reports on meeting attendance, polling results, and much more. Reports are a powerful tool in helping you to analyse performance and make improvements to your offer.

Here is also what is possible if you decide to integrate Zoom with your LMS:

  • Manage your Zoom Meetings, Recordings, Users, and Reports from your website admin panel directly without the need to go back and forth on multiple platforms
  • Allow your learners to watch the webinar inside the LMS without the need to launch the app
  • Show a countdown before the webinar starts
  • Automatically post a recording of the webinar so your students can access and rewatch it at any time
  • Allow your learners to register for the webinar and pay for it separately, or include it in your membership price and send an email to confirm their registration.
  • Set up recurring weekly or monthly webinars
  • Add a calendar of webinars so your learners never miss a single session

If you have highly specific needs for your webinar integration, our team will be happy to build a solution to match your business needs.