Integrate your LMS with Zapier & benefit from 1000s of automations.

Zapier is no-code automation software that allows you to automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps. It can instruct one app to do a specific action when a trigger occurs in another app. 

The main advantage of this tool is that you can integrate it with over 4000 applications, which creates endless opportunities for you to improve your online course offering. 

A few of Zapier’s main benefits include:

  • Eliminate manual time-consuming tasks you have to do frequently. Examples of such tasks would be sending reminders about the completion of a module, or notifications about important updates for a specific course. Some manual tasks can also be fairly mundane as well as time-consuming, such as copying the emails of meeting attendees to a spreadsheet. With Zapier this can be automated and taken off your plate completely.
  • Easily transfer data from one app to another. For instance, you could add tasks from a project management program to other to-do list apps.
  • Make necessary updates to accounting software, CRM tools or any other tech stack following an action taken by a user or admin. For example, when a user is removed from the LMS CMS; a ‘sorry you are leaving’ email is sent, and they are removed from the distribution list.

It’s definitely worth using automation tools for your LMS to make sure those who sign up to courses have the best learning experience possible. In addition, when you have a lot to manage you might not be able to remember all the little things. That’s where applications like Zapier come in handy.


If you can’t find your app in Zapier’s integration library, don’t worry as Webhooks will allow you to create the connection. It would take a few extra steps, but you could easily set up one with the help of a developer.