In the context of eLearning and online courses, white labelling is used to create a personalised and versatile product which can be distributed under a certain brand. You can drastically change the look and feel of a website for your clients to better suit their needs.

Here are the key advantages, your clients will receive:

  • Retain their brand awareness. Create subsites and allow your clients to have the learning platform designed under their brand, which will help them retain brand awareness and recognition.
  • Save resources. White labelling allows your clients to save time and money on the development of a learning app, which might take months, as they will not have to start out from scratch. It could also help them deliver new or upgraded solutions faster to their learners without excessive investment on their part. This approach could prove helpful if you want to enter a new market or need to launch fast.
  • Scale. Just like your own LMS, your client’s LMS will be scalable and customisable, and every time you invest in a new feature, you can sell it to your clients. You can also enable/disable certain features on your white-labelled sub-sites.

White labelling is usually a perfect solution for small businesses and startups. If someone with domain expertise has already used the technology and they want to avoid the risks of developing it themselves, they can purchase yours.

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