A webinar is an online event which is held virtually and attended by a user who is interested in a certain topic. The webinars are a great way to engage with an interested audience and promote new courses. Webinars are a top-of-the-funnel tool that helps generate demand and could be used in conjunction with paid ads to increase their effectiveness.

Webinar marketing may include online events, presentations, workshops, seminars, and training sessions, which could help to raise brand awareness and increase course enrolment and subscriptions. 

You can integrate webinars with tools such as ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, and Zapier to automate the process and reduce manual work. 

For example, using lead ads on either Linkedin or Facebook could trigger a Zapier automation which then enrols people in your mailing list and webinar sequences. Webinars are either on-demand or live. Live webinars as more engaging than on-demand, and you could better interact with your audience and tailor your delivery based on their questions. On-demand webinars, on the other hand, are more hands-off and require less maintenance.   

Common features of webinars

  • Real-time online audio and video communication, where you can demonstrate the value of your course and share reasons why participants should enrol on your paid course.
  • You can screen-share relevant presentations, documents, and slideshows with attendees.
  • Webinars can be recorded, downloaded, and quickly shared. They are easy to edit and create clips to post afterwards and use for further marketing campaigns. For example, you could use the short clips on your social media channels or even as video ad to be used on paid social campaigns.
  • During live webinars, you’re able to easily engage with your audience through chat, surveys, and interactive polls.

Benefits of hosting webinars

  • You can repurpose your recorded webinars and use them for your further marketing efforts.
  • Webinars will attract more users to your website and other content that has been promoted during the webinar.
  • Users tend to engage more with video content. With webinars, you can increase brand awareness and reach more audiences.
  • Webinars serve as a powerful platform for interacting with your target audience and promoting your courses. The audience can better resonate with the content and services you’re offering.

Webinar considerations

  • Before launching your online course, you can host a series of exclusive webinars providing valuable information for your audience from your course. In the end, you can ask to sign up for the waiting list and provide unique offers for those who attend.
  • Webinars allow you to produce exclusive content that cannot be found elsewhere. You can also include surveys, Q&As, polls, and other activities for better engagement with the audience.