With this feature, you can track video progression to ensure students watch the whole course and not just the first few minutes.
Just like in the classroom environment where your learners cannot skip to the end of the lecture, in your online course you can enable video progression and disable the possibility of jumping between different parts of the video. This is an excellent way to keep their attention and ensure they don’t miss anything in the course content.

The same is possible with slide decks. One of our clients, RC Training, used this feature to ensure their students are not tempted to click through the slides quickly, which ensures they absorb the information better.

Another way to use this feature is to create a ‘hands-free’ learning experience. This is especially useful when you have video-only content, your students can just sit back and watch the videos one by one without the need to click on Mark Complete after each lesson. The items will be checked off automatically against user progress and will allow your students to “binge watch” your course.