One login to rule them all – sync user sessions between all of your sites and services for a truly seamless user experience

As we know, with lots of resources come lots of usernames and passwords, and your learners might experience the notorious “password fatigue” –  an unpleasant feeling of exhaustion when people struggle to remember numerous passwords throughout the day.

Luckily, there is a magic trick to it – Single Sign On. We’re all familiar with it and have used it at least once in the past. If you’re part of a big organisation, you’ve likely been given an email address associated with that organisation. You can use that email address to log in to multiple services without having to register or create a new password for each one. Perhaps you’re trying to sign up for a new app, and instead of taking you through the registration process, the app suggests that you ‘login with Google’ or ‘login with your Apple ID’. That’s essentially a single sign-on.

Not only does this allow you to battle password fatigue, but it also helps avoid friction points and onboard your learners/customers on the system faster – because now they can register and join the platform in one click.

And one of the greatest benefits of SSO is that it is more secure. Modern SSO can analyse the information about the app, user, location, device, and network. Even if a learner enters the correct credentials, they may be asked for additional verification due to the context of their access. With the right SSO solution, organisations can not only ensure better system security but also reduce the login friction that frustrates so many users.