Integrate Salesforce with your LMS and run your CRM campaigns with ease

LearnDash helps you create course content and restrict access, but it doesn’t include many marketing or segmentation features, which is probably why you’re using Salesforce alongside LearnDash.

With the integration of Salesforce, you can optimize your marketing efforts and launch campaigns targeted at specific user segments. 

Apply Salesforce tags based on student actions

For example, you can apply new tags when a learner does any of the following::

  • Enrolls in a course;
  • Starts a lesson or topic;
  • Completes a course, lesson, or topic;
  • Passes or fails a quiz;
  • Receives a certificate.

By applying these tags, you can create laser-focused segments and set up marketing automation, which not only improves the experience for users, but also increases the sales of your courses.

Like other CRMs on the market, SalesForce offers marketing, sales, and customer relationship management tools. However, most people may find using and mastering SalesForce a bit more tricky than other tools as the functionalities were acquired through business acquisitions rather than developed in-house. If you are looking to get on with the job with an easy to use platform, our recommendation is ActiveCampaign.  SalesForce is also more expensive compared to other options on the market.