Simple reporting typically refers to the reporting offered from a learning product “out of the box”, without customisation. It’s an important feature for data analysis within your learning management system. 

LMS reports also help you monitor the activity during the training process, and identify what can be improved to offer the best learning experience for users. Simple reporting offers visualised data that can be easily analysed and used for further efforts.

Here are the main opportunities that simple reports can give you:

  • Content evaluation. Simple reporting shows whether the content provided in an online course is good for learners and whether they’re interacting with it. Reporting features allow you to identify key points and see which parts of the course can be improved or changed. 
  • Management reporting. When you need to inform other team members about the success of the online course, it’s always good to use reporting. When you need to quickly deliver the key metrics and results, this feature comes in handy. 
  • Better decision-making. Reporting functionality offers a vast amount of data-based insights that will help you make better decisions. Your team can use results from the reports to make well-informed decisions critical for further course management or development.
  • Identification of internal issues. If there is a mistake in the course, enrolment or subscriptions, you may need to know what led to this mistake and how it can be avoided in the future. For this, you need LMS reporting to identify the key aspects involved and how this can be prevented. 
  • Easier renewals, reduced churn. You can report back user engagement and progress to your B2B clients, making those renewal discussions much easier.
  • A better understanding of the user’s commitment. With reporting features you’ll get a better picture of how learners take the course, what’s their commitment, how long did it take them to complete the course, and more. 

Simple reporting is an easy way to navigate the overview of what’s happening in your learning management system and identify opportunities for further improvement and better course engagement. You could also create a custom reporting feature within your product for even more targeted data collection and reporting views.