Custom reporting and analytics make data your strong side. With these reporting tools, you can track everything from video plays, H5P interactions or webinar attendance, and then visualise this data in custom reporting views for better analysis. This allows you to identify certain patterns and trends by creating different graphs and charts.

Custom reporting tools allow admins to monitor user course progress, track the activity and engagement during the course, analyse exam results, measure course completion rates, and more.

With custom reporting features you’ll be able to:

  • Track progress effectively. The reporting allows you to see how users are progressing through your online courses. 
  • Avoid “juggling” between spreadsheets. Reports are created in custom views that already fit your needs and make sense for your business.
  • Better understand training outputs. Based on assessment results from your students you can conclude whether they’ve gained the necessary skills and knowledge from your online course. The custom LMS reporting functionality will help you better understand the outputs of your course and whether the users are satisfied with the information they’ve got to learn. 
  • See course activity trends and patterns. With custom reporting, you will be able to quickly identify trends and patterns based on course completion rates, overall course activity, and user engagement. 

Our fully bespoke LMSs also offer analytical reports with tailored suggestions regarding improving the learning experiences. These suggestions can range from identifying gaps in knowledge, to pointing out the information to be updated on the course. 

Custom reporting tools are popular in fully custom learning products for analysing huge data sets, as they allow you to measure average success metrics within a course, and help maximise training efficiency for current and future courses.