Your reporting tools, just like your LMS, can be infinitely customised to track relevant eLearning data. Everyone’s business model is different, and in order to achieve your KPIs, you’ll need to look at specific metrics. 

With Plume’s Analytics Plugin, we can capture and show the data all in one place, and your team will no longer need to spend dozens of hours putting together spreadsheets and data from different systems in order to see metrics.

Here are some ideas for you on what is possible to track:

  1. What is my learner’s performance on specific courses, lessons, quizzes, and essay submissions?
  2. How much time my learners spent watching courses?
  3. What is the completion rate of my courses? Which courses are most popular?
  4. Which instructor gets the most time watched?
  5. What time and date do your users watch courses, and how much time do they tend to spend on different days of the week?
  6. How much time does it take from the moment someone signs up for a free course till when they upgrade to a paid subscription?
  7. How much time does it take from the purchase of the course till completion (sorted by individuals, groups and courses)

We just scratched the surface here. With a custom reporting plugin, the possibilities are endless. We could help you to make data-driven decisions and push your learners and business forward.