What are payment gateways in the context of LMS

Selling your online courses involves many important aspects you need to consider, and payment gateways are one of them. A payment gateway is a tool that merchants use to accept debit or credit card purchases from their customers.

It’s one of the most important choices you have to make when selling your course online. You need to ensure your hard work and dedication will be rewarded, so provide your learners with a proper way to pay. 

Types of payment gateways for your eLearning tech

Two of the most commonly used payment gateways in the eLearning industry:

  1. PayPal. It’s currently one of the most used online payment gateways for eLearning businesses. Simple to use, and set up, PayPal offers a free version, which is perfect for small businesses, and an upgraded version – Payments Pro.
  2. Stripe. It provides an international payment gateway and processing service. Developers can add the payment gateway for free to their websites by utilizing its APIs. Stripe has lower fees than PayPal and allows your customers to pay using a credit card. For a better user experience, you can also add Apple Pay and Google Pay and let your customers breeze through the checkout and finish their purchase in one click.