Notifications feature for LMSs and learning apps

Bring learners back into your learning app with notifications for new lessons, messages and more!

Notifications are key to re-engaging with users and bringing them back to your platform.

A secret ingredient to all notifications is to have a clear action that follows it. A common mistake that many app owners have is sending a notification that takes the user back to the main menu or navigation with no action initiated, leaving users confused and ending their product experience.

Therefore, if we’re reminding users to resume their course, we should bring them right back to the course, or if we’re reminding them about the expiry of their membership – to the billing section of your site where they can easily renew it.

Here are some ideas on when to send notifications:

  1. New course releases
  2. Recommended courses
  3. Inactivity reminders
  4. Expiration dates for their courses or memberships
  5. Reminder to continue earning rewards
  6. Upvotes / Likes / Reactions to their posts

When designing your notifications, you must ensure that they are part of your core product and extend the prior product experience. It’s also good to remember that too many notifications can be perceived as spam leading to unsatisfied learners. Using reporting and analytics tools while designing your notifications campaign will help you make them relevant and also tailor them to boost your growth strategy and optimize the critical business metrics.