We know that working with organizations might be quite challenging as there is usually more than one stakeholder involved. Unlike with the individual students, in this scenario, you might need to deal with managers, the accounting team, and different departments – and all those parties will have different goals they will need to achieve. 

With our B2B tools, you can be sure you will provide maximum value to your corporate clients.

Here is a quick rundown of what’s possible:

  1. Allow B2B clients to purchase licenses in bulk. When an organization purchases a license from you, it can configure accounts for all of its employees. A group of learners will be automatically created, and the purchaser will be designated as the leader who will be able to manage users from the front-end dashboard.
  1. Allow your B2B clients to run reports and see how their employees perform. The possibilities are limitless here, as with our highly customizable reporting plugin, you can create reports that will be of the most relevance and value to your clients.
  1. Using groups in an LMS, otherwise known as cohorts, your company can create training environments for your customers that are kept separate from one another. These groups are usually managed by an admin from each of your customers’ teams, and the only members able to go in and out of the portal are employees, partners, or whomever your customer’s audience is.
  • Allow organizations that purchase your courses in bulk to have their students self-enrol in training courses. You can charge organizations one time for a selection of courses or use a subscription model.

If you are a B2B company selling compliance course, make sure to check out our compliance LMS growth guide.