LMS group management is a feature within the learning apps or LMS that allows admins and the organisation account to bundle registered accounts into custom groups. You can easily create groups of users for better management during the enrolment into courses or any other process during the online course. 

Typical group management functionality allows you to:

  • Create a specific group and add the chosen users
  • Review and edit the group’s access to specific online courses and content
  • Assign particular learning materials to the group, for example, certain files or assignments;
  • Assign access to various communities
  • Add notes that all group members can read
  • Send notifications to all group members at once
  • Nest groups inside of groups (hierarchy-based groups, for example)
  • Generate reports on the group as a whole, or on users individually

You can easily create as many groups as you want. This will also allow you to provide the students of your course with the right materials or notifications when they need them. 

By analysing the generated reports, you can segment users based on their activity, interests, or any other aspect and make sure their learning experience is exactly as they want it to be. There is also a summary of all learning groups available within your online course, which helps you better navigate and manage them.