An enrolment key is a one-time course password implemented by admins, which allows prospective learners to create accounts and enrol into a particular online course, preventing unauthorised access to the course. It can also serve as a method of restricting self-enrollment to a certain user group. 

Enrolment keys allow you to automate the enrolment process, minimising the manual work related to importing learners’ information and giving the right access to courses.  

The main features of enrolment keys include: 

  • Changing default settings. Anyone can enrol on a course by default. However, once a course has been created, admins can make enrolment keys mandatory for the course. Also, no password clue is given to users, but admins can allow the first letter of the key to be provided.
  • Sharing the enrolment key. In most cases, one or more admins are responsible for the distribution of the course key to authorised learners. You can share the enrolment key via email or over the phone.
  • Different options for key setup are available. In settings, you can choose several options for enrolment key setup. These can affect the overall key usage by learners and users.

The benefits of using enrolment keys in your LMS are the following:

  • Quick reaction to key leaks. In case of the enrolment key leak, admins can quickly change it and remove certain users through the course admin section. The authorised users will stay logged in.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed. The course stays confidential, as all new users are required to provide the enrolment key. Also, admins can determine whether future log-ins have the same requirement or not. 
  • Secure access. Your enrolment key can be quickly enabled or disabled, which ensures secure course access and full control of your enrolment process.  
  • No manual data entry is needed. Enrolment keys allow you to avoid manual data entry and enrolment of all learners, which can take up a lot of time. Just send out unique codes to users for self-registration into your courses.

It’s important to keep in mind that enrolment keys are case-sensitive, meaning any extra space will automatically make it ineligible.