Discounts and coupons are a great way to encourage more purchases or subscriptions to your online course. You can attract new learners and follow up the old ones with coupons for them to enrol in the new online courses.

Free courses work well to attract new learners, but with coupons, you can turn them into clients for your next paid course or other materials. Discounts and coupons can put you in touch with a client who would be eager to purchase the following full-priced course.

Issuing coupons is easy and can increase your course sales in many ways:

  • Encourage existing learners to purchase again. Learners who enjoyed previous online courses and received a discount are more likely to make a second-course purchase. 
  • Create promotional campaigns during holidays. You can use the holiday season to run promotional campaigns for your online courses. By using exclusive coupons and discounts you can stand out from your competition and attract new learners.
  • Increase brand awareness. Even if the coupons or discounts are not used, they do prompt people to still consider the offer. Choose the correct audience segments to share your coupons, so they’re more aware of your brand and digital products.
  • Use discounts to convey exclusivity and urgency. Coupons perform best when they combine urgency and proper timing. For example, you can offer one special discount to your social media followers and another to your email newsletter subscribers. 

To boost the sales of your online course, it’s worth leveraging discounts and coupons as powerful instruments for engaging with your potential clients and encouraging more course sales.