Device synchronization is the process of synchronizing data between several connected devices. The changes are updated automatically to help maintain a consistent experience when a course is accessed from a different device. 

Online learning device synchronization is certainly one of the most important aspects of a high-quality online course. Before launching your course, you need to ensure that the learners can access course materials from different devices. Usually, it will be phones, laptops and tablets. 

A perfect example would be synchronisation between your app and website. Your learners can start taking the course on their phones and then finish it on the desktop.

One of the main advantages of device synchronisation is that it provides great flexibility to your learners who want to catch up on missed materials on the go. This aspect has been instrumental in the growth and popularity of B2B professional education.

Device synchronisation allows learners to watch a lecture or participate in a discussion forum on their phones during their commute. This ensures the users that are taking your course will be able to complete it within the offered time frame.