An LMS course builder is the ‘back-end’ of your e-learning platform, and this is where you, your teachers, or content managers will spend the majority of your time building out your course. If you’ve published at least one online course before, you probably already know that it can be very time-consuming, so this back-end builder must help you save time and not the other way around.

The main features of our course builder are:

  • Add courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, and webinars;
  • Divide course content into sections;
  • Drag and drop to reorder the items;
  • Undo actions;
  • Drip feed content;
  • Publish your course.

Depending on your business model and your business’s unique requirements, course builders can be customized and adapted to your needs. For example, you can allow certain user roles to add the content but not publish it before an admin approves it. Or maybe you would like to create course collections and introduce a more advanced way to categorize your courses – all these features are possible with a scalable customisable LMS.