Communities possess plenty of untapped potential. Studies show that collaborative-based learning experiences improve course completions by 16x (compared to solo learning). Apart from that, communities have many other advantages. We’ll dig deeper into a few of them below.

  1. Understand your learners better and increase revenue

Listening to your customers is the bulletproof way to grow your business. However, getting customer feedback is often not easy, and having a community you can consult with will help you make critical decisions faster.

Your community will be the source of new ideas and features to help you find your product-market fit and help your product grow.

For instance, before you decide to invest time, money, and effort into releasing a new course, you can run polls in your community to see if there is sufficient demand for it. Or you can create a course and ask your community members what topics deserve a separate course or what features your customers would love to see released next – this way you will be sure that your investment into creating another course will definitely have a return.

  1. Empower your learners with community support

You might not always be available to answer your user’s questions, but we’re pretty sure you have some talented learners who would love to shine and share what they’ve learned. A recent study showed that 84% of consumers seek solutions to their problems before contacting customer service. Having a community will help you take the load off your team and increase user satisfaction before you are ready to invest in a dedicated support agent or team.

Make sure to reward your most active learners with a badge to retain your loyal fans 😉

  1. Make your community members feel special

Providing significant price drops and discounts to your community members will help you instil trust and loyalty to your brand. It will also make your users watch out for all the announcements you post if they know there is always something valuable.

Another idea to bring value to your community is to connect people on your platform, such as employees with potential candidates, or just a #jobs channel where your learners can find opportunities from the network you created.

The goal is to ensure your learners feel that being part of this community brings them results and rewards worth their time.

Here are  some further user experience tips to make your communities shine:

  • Separate into spaces or channels to make sure it’s easy to find, like #networking, #jobs, #coursetalk, #announcements
  • Moderate to protect against spam and other common types of disallowed posts
  • Allow your users to upvote / like / react to posts and comments so they can receive feedback from their peers
  • Introduce gamification elements to make sure your most active learners get the crest they deserve