Automatically generate new certificates and deliver them to your learners after completing a course.

Issuing a certificate is a great way to reward your students for their efforts and recognize their achievements. A certificate of completion also verifies users’ knowledge and acquired skills on a certain topic. 

Many learners would love to receive a credential upon the completion of the course so that they can use them to advance in their careers, add it to their resumes or LinkedIn profile and increase their chances of getting hired, or just share it on social media.

It is important that your LMS has a feature that allows you to award certificates automatically so that you don’t have to do it manually, as it might be very time-consuming. You can set certain prerequisites for receiving a certificate, like passing at least 80% of the quiz or attending 90% of the course.

You can also award certificates for a group of courses as well as customise how they look for each course.

Certificates can be delivered to your students as a pdf file, or you can set up a public-facing page. Each certificate will have a unique URL on your website, which will prove that it was indeed issued by your organization. It will also help you with organic traffic, as every time the certificate is shared on social media or added to a CV, the viewers will click on the link, which will bring them to your site and might potentially help with more sales for your course.