Automation is an integral part of any successful organisation. Without automation it’s hard to imagine how one can scale and grow sustainably. Here we want to provide some ideas as a means to inspire you about what’s possible in regards to automation: 

  • Automating the enrollment process of your learners, whether they are individuals (B2C) or within an organisation (B2B)
  • Automatic LMS report generation for your organisational clients via a flexible learning analytics tool
  • Onboarding and email notifications, from simple to more complex email sequences and logic
  • The up-selling of elearning courses and subscriptions to improve customer lifetime value
  • The creation of branded LMS sub-sites for your organisational clients to save weeks of work
  • Improved customer support by using a knowledge base or help desk tools
  • The adding and removal of users into your supporting apps such as communities, chat apps or forums
  • The booking of one-on-one coaching sessions without the hassle of reconciliation

Check out our automation guide, where we have expanded on all of these ideas: