ActiveCampaign is a marketing software platform with a set of robust automation tools to help you effectively manage different automation sequences around learning, emails, and sales. It’s a powerful integration that is essential for your LMS. 

A major draw of ActiveCampaign is the value for money it offers due to having a lower pricing structure compared to other CRM’s such as HubSpot. And although HubSpot does offer more sophisticated CRM and Sales suites, both CRMs offer enterprise customisations.

You can easily integrate your online courses and membership systems with ActiveCampaign and take advantage of powerful automation workflows. All manual tasks, such as entering individual learner data and sending emails or important notifications, can be automated, therefore reducing overheads and saving you heaps of time. 

The key features of ActiveCampaign include:

  • Ability to integrate with over 870 apps, including Gmail, Zapier, and Office 365, improving the efficiency of your workflow 
  • Site tracking so you can monitor activity on your website, and follow up with targeted emails to the right people at the right time.
  • Tracking all enrollment processes allows you to keep all learners who signed up for your course on the same page.
  • There are advanced tools for email marketing which help you create and send out beautifully crafted emails with key information or important announcements. 
  • Customisable forms you can use to collect learner feedback during or after the completion of a course. Information gathered from these forms can be used to influence other email marketing campaigns.
  • Reporting functionality helps you to  see which offers and campaigns are the most effective and render the best results. 
  • There are 200 pre-built automation sequences available on ActiveCampaign’s automation marketplace. You can quickly edit or customise these templates and start using them right away.

As you can see, all of these features equip businesses with powerful marketing tools. But that’s not all. Below we have listed further benefits to using ActiveCampaign: 

  • Effective campaigns. ActiveCampaign offers personalised tags which you can use to divide your email subscribers into groups based on certain interests and needs. Targeting people who are the most interested in your courses will lead to more signups and sales.
  • Automated enrollment. This allows you to cut support costs, as all manual tasks such as entering individual learner data and sending emails or important notifications can be automated, therefore reducing overheads and saving you tonnes of time
  • Reduced user stagnation. Taking an online course can be pretty challenging. It requires discipline and dedication. So to help participants successfully complete the course, you can use automation that sends out reminders and words of encouragement. It will be a great push for those who haven’t logged in for a while or who are seemingly stuck

Even though there are many advantages to ActiveCampaign, you should keep in mind that it isn’t as powerful as standalone platforms such as PipeDrive or Salesforce.