Becoming the entrepreneur of elearning: Kaine Shutler’s interview with Branswer

Reaching out to Plume, Branswer were keen to talk to Kaine about his journey from web design freelancer to elearning expert in their latest edition of They Do Comms.

Inspiring and encouraging other entrepreneurs to begin their own journey, Kaine delves into his own story of professional growth and shares his advice for other business owners looking to take things to the next level.

Kaine’s skillset has certainly evolved over time, putting him in a unique position to lead on the design and development of learning management systems by drawing on his expertise across marketing, web design, sales and user experience.

With a thorough understanding of core design principles and user behaviour, Kaine has been able to take Plume to a whole new level, delivering custom LMS and specialist elearning marketing to clients from across the world.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The path to success has had its challenges which have helped the brand develop and grow. Reflecting back on his experience, Kaine even shares his three top tips for other business owners in the creative/ technology industry.

Check out his top tips here over at Branswer.

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