Striking visual website design for leading packaging agency

A design-focused website for packaging design agency

About the project

A design-focused website for packaging design agency

Osborne Pike is a packaging design agency serving household brands such as Peperami, Canderel and Shloer. We were tasked with creating a visually enticing website that would allow them greater flexibility when showcasing their work.

Dynamic content grids

We built a grid system that would allow the client to feature specific projects, videos, blog posts, social posts and testimonials on the homepage, pulling from content used elsewhere on the site. This allows Osborne Pike to refresh the homepage with new content with a single click of the mouse. This reduces the amount of time the client must spend adding content and ensures the site is updated more frequently.

Flexible portfolio system

We implemented a drag and drop portfolio system that would allow Osborne Pike to build their own portfolio pages without coding knowledge. We developed a number of ready-to-use modules that the client can drag into the page, edit and order in whatever fashion they desire. This allows the client greater design flexibility when creating new pages, without the need for support.

Built for blogging

Over their years, Osborne Pike had amassed a large number of blog posts that were pulling in valuable search traffic that often converts to sales. We successfully imported their existing posts and ensured they were available at the same URLs to retain their SEO “link juice”.

We implemented the Disqus commenting system and a horizontally scrollable related posts feature to drive site engagement.