10.87% website conversion rates for a law firm

24 months of continuous iteration for a Brighton law firm has lead to 10.87% PPC conversion rates, 4x higher than the global average

About the project

Powerful lead generation with 10.87% PPC conversion rates

Martin Cray & Co, a leading Brighton law firm, approached us in 2015 to take on their digital marketing strategy. The company saw low conversion rates with their PPC campaigns. The goal was to bring these up to acceptable levels, but we achieved conversion rates that were four times the global average.

The process wasn’t as simple as modifying their Adwords campaigns. It would first require a brand new website to better cater to their users’ needs. It would also require a reliable way of tracking advert performance with an ongoing commitment to the improvement of the site.

Mobile conversions in mind

The design took a mobile-first approach to cater for the majority userbase. We went beyond standard responsive design; we crafted mobile-specific layouts to ensure content thrived on smaller screens. This attention to detail increased mobile usability and ultimately lead to a significant increase in enquiries from users on mobile devices.

Conversion rate optimisation

We created in-depth Google Analytics goals that track the number of people who click a phone number, email address or fill in a form. More importantly, we integrated this tracking information to our Adwords campaigns to determine accurate conversion rates. By quantifying our conversion rates, we can monitor which of our marketing strategies offer the best results, further improving those that perform well and re-evaluating those that don’t.

A commitment to ongoing improvement

Aside from the initial build, we’ve completed several smaller redesigns to key areas of the site. This was in response to user testing and feedback, with the goal of making the marketing budget stretch further. This strategy was successful, ultimately leading to conversion rates of 10.87%.

Martin Cray & Co considers web design and conversion rate optimisation an ongoing strategy. They knew that high conversion rates don’t happen overnight; it requires a commitment to continuous improvement. Without this approach, a one-shot website build wouldn’t be half as effective.