Increasing sign-ups for a SaaS video service by 166%

About the project

Driving signups for a video marketing platform

Sixty Seconds provide video marketing tools to the UK’s largest recruitment firms. They asked us to improve the effectiveness of their sales site, with the goal of reducing their average cost per conversion to allow their marketing spend to stretch further.

Performance driven design

Sixty Seconds understood the power of performance; faster sites sell more. Our server technology combined with our understanding of performance-driven design ensured that load times would never get in the way of a sale. Load times are as fast as 0.51s, 21x faster than the average load time of a UK-based technology company website.

166% more signups, overnight

Sixty Seconds’ ultimate goal was to increase the number of sign-ups that the site generated. Our instant sign-up field allows customers to instantly sign up and create their first free video without a lengthy registration process. This increased trial subscriptions by 166% from launch day.

Conversion-lead design

Our work always starts with our client’s customers. We took the time to better understand Sixty Seconds customers, from their business’ pain points to their motivations for buying.

The website design and the content that fits within it was specifically designed to build trust and handle buyer objections as they come to mind.

A supportive content strategy

Great content doesn’t just bring people to a site, it converts those people in to paying customers. After all, a pretty site without compelling content is not half as effective.

We worked with Sixty Seconds to develop a website that would fully support an engaging content strategy.

Genuinely useful case-studies brought in traffic from Google, while carefully crafted content helped drive more sales to Sixty Seconds’ products.

166% more trial subscriptions

Our work with Sixty Seconds help to propel their signups by 166% in the first month following launch. We now continue to work with Sixty Seconds in order to improve the effectiveness of their site month-by-month, allowing every penny spent on marketing to generate greater results.