The wellbeing micro-learning app for millennials

Bite-size daily learning for improving mental health

  • 10
    minutes per day
  • 365
    days of content
  • £5
    per month

Built for millennials

A wellbeing mobile app for millennials designed to fit into their busy lifestyle. This concept brings micro-learning to mobile in a format that can be quickly and easily digested.

In a queue for groceries, or on your way to work, this delivers short bursts of knowledge designed to make users more aware of their mental health.

Building the habit of daily learning

To avoid overwhelming users, new material is delivered daily. Users are encouraged to check in and complete the tasks during their day. If life gets in the way, users can scroll back through the days and complete any lingering tasks.

In the evening, they’re reminded to check in and record their mood – a journal to help users to spot trends in how they feel.

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