The Curated Content LMS

When budgets are tight and bespoke course material is not feasible, we can turn to course curation.

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Making use of existing online content

Content curation can be a feasible approach to e-learning when content creation isn’t possible, perhaps to time or budget constraints.

There is a wealth of information available on the web with 500 hours of content uploaded to YouTube and and 300 blog posts created every single minute.

This e-learning platform was created to leverage this existing content, pulling blog posts, audio and video from external sources.

elarning platform for curated content

All above board

This form of content curation pulls content through HTML embeds and RSS feeds – technologies provided by the publishers themselves to increase the share-ability of the their content. The original creators still retain complete control of the content and can even monetise it using advertising, so it’s all above board.

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