Teaching KS3 through animated explainers and interactive activities

Interactive e-Learning materials on courtroom etiquette

The problem

Our client came to us looking to create some interactive e-Learning materials on courtroom etiquette as part of a module introducing KS3 students to law. The aim of the mini-course was to provide support to PSHE and citizenship, as well as setting students up with some foundational understanding of law ahead of GCSE law.

The solution

Working with the client, our instructional designers created a curriculum and learning materials for a 20-minute self-paced mini-course on courtroom etiquette. 

There were three main guiding principles to our approach:

  • make sure that the course was interactive using appropriate methods for the age group
  • make sure that the content and activities were all interlinked to promote reinforcement of the educational material throughout
  • ensure the content was ideal for self-paced learning within a learning management system and suitable for being presented in front of a class

For this course, we created:

  • An animated explainer video
  • An interactive drag & drop activity
  • A multiple hotspot activity
  • A short quiz

The animated explainer

Following a short introduction written in conjunction with the client’s subject-matter expert, the first part of the course consisted of a video lesson including a fully animated explainer video with voice over.  It was essential that we kept the video to a minute as attention spans can be short.

To maximise  the client’s budget, we had to handpick and condense the most important information on courtroom etiquette into something that was well paced and provided lots of learning opportunities which could be linked into later activities.

The drag & drop activity

Working with our designers and developers, we were able to create a drag and drop activity that was directly embedded into the lesson. This activity followed on from the animated explainer video, expanding on the section of ‘what to bring’.  We saw an opportunity to create this as its own activity as our research showed that there were lots of items that couldn’t be bought into the courthouse, so we devised a fun activity that learners would be quizzed on at the end of the mini-course.

Multiple hotspots

Using H5P we created another interactive activity linked with the ‘what to wear’ portion of the animated explainer video. In this activity, learners had to click on all the outfits they thought would be appropriate attire to wear in court following a brief introduction to what they should be looking out for and what to avoid.

As well as including questions and knowledge checks throughout the mini course, we wanted the quiz to be both compatible with online learning within the LMS but also so to be used by teachers in a classroom setting as part of a discussion following the video and interactive activity.