Reporting tools for progress and business metrics

Collect meaningful data and demonstrate the effectiveness of your course

Stay on track

One of the challenges of any training company is demonstrating the value your course brings. If learners or employers don’t see the value in your courses, there’s a chance they’ll look elsewhere for their training. This is why the reporting tools within elearning platforms is so essential.

Reporting doesn’t just provide data to learners, it’s also essential for businesses to improve the delivery of their elearning and grow their user-base.

Progress reporting

Built for an online therapy platform designed to help people live happier lives, we quickly identified that a type of self-assessment reporting was needed in order for users to track their own progress.

Each month, users of the system would be invited to complete a self-assessment. Rating various aspects of their wellbeing and state of mind by scoring data points across several criteria from 1 – 10. Our custom-built reporting system would then provide “happiness scores” in each section and calculate an overall ‘happiness score’.

Going beyond the data for the business, these reports were an active part of each users’ wellbeing journey, helping them to see patterns in their own mental health.

Powerful business metrics

The benefits of this reporting were two-fold. Firstly, when users could see their happiness improving over a period of time, they stayed subscribed as paying members for longer, by visualising the effectiveness of the programme.

Secondly, it provided useful insights for the company, giving them the opportunity to improve their programmes and provide tangible evidence of their courses which were then used in marketing materials.