Improving mental health with an LMS: self-help courses and private therapy

Combining live therapy and online courses

The all-in-one mental health & therapy platform

Deteriorating mental health is a growing concern in the UK. Despite the increasing need for therapy, it’s often subject to excruciatingly long waiting times. And when someone is disabled or is dealing with severe mental health issues, leaving the house to go to therapy can be a challenge.

MyPersonalTherapy provides real online therapy combined with self-help courses, designed to help millennials cope with and improve their mental health.

MPT needed a bespoke learning management system with impenetrable security, integrated therapist booking and self-help e-learning courses, all packaged up into an affordable weekly subscription.

Signup assessment

Before learners enrol on a course, we ask them to complete a signup assessment. This assessment helps us to understand what mental health condition the users is likely to be dealing with, and suggests a number of courses based on their diagnosis.

For example, if the user user’s answers indicate that they suffer from depression, we offer courses on managing depression, dealing with anxiety or how to cope with life at university.

Private therapy sessions

Upon signing up, clients are matched with a therapist who shares similar availability and communication preferences. Clients can book sessions with their therapist using the booking tool, and then carry out the sessions through our secure integrated chat system, phone calls or video calls.

Integrated therapist management

Therapists on the platform have a comprehensive suite of management tools. They can manage their own profiles, set their availability for therapy sessions and can communicate with their clients from the central management panel.

Therapists also have access to their own training material, explaining how to make the most of the platform and its best practices.

Recurring revenue with a weekly subscription model

To keep users subscribed to the platform, we limit the number of lessons they can complete in a single sitting. Each week, a credit is applied to their account and learners may use this credit to unlock a lesson from a growing content library.

Demonstrating positive changes with the progress report

Each month, clients are invited to complete a progress assessment which gives users a happiness score. This happiness score is plotted on a graph that shows the client’s mental health improvements over time.

When clients can see the platform improving their mental health, they stay subscribed for longer. The data also provides insight for the business who can use this to improve their offering and their marketing content.

The full works: LMS, website and branding

Our work didn’t stop with the learning management system. We also created the branding and sales website for MyPersonalTherapy, ensuring the project as a whole fit the style and ethos of the company.

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