Personal learning dashboard

Making your learners the star of the show

Getting learners to where they need to be

The dashboard acts as the central hub for most of our learning management systems. Once the learner logs in, they’re immediately directed towards the courses they’ve been enrolled in; no searching, no clicking around, no confusion.

In this concept, we make it easy for learners to pick up where they left off and resume their last active course. Further down the page, a list of incomplete courses they also have access to.

Achievements and activity timeline

Studies in the use of gamification suggest a 14% improvement in assessment scores against courses without gamification. In this design, we use badges, points and levels to further engage the learner and push them forward through to completion.

An activity timeline also gives learners a sense of progress and achievement. Here we break down activity by day and course, highlighting lesson completions, discussions, achievements, assessments and points.

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