Netflix-style video library for a mobile dog training LMS

Vast library of videos for paid subscribers

  • 200+
    Videos (and counting)
  • 8
    weeks to build
  • 60
    seconds to add new video

Rethinking the video library for a mobile user-base

Absolute Dogs is the leader in online dog training with thousands of customers around the world. One of their core products is a library of videos designed to help dog owners better manage their dog’s behaviours. This library was previously shoehorned into their existing LMS which was initially designed for a structured, linear course; it wasn’t suitable for a series of videos designed to be consumed on-demand. 

Customers found this system confusing, and in the confusion weren’t getting the full value the video library provided.

It’s as if Netflix and the App Store had a baby

Absolute Dogs’ user-base varies greatly, so we were challenged to create an interface which would be intuitive to all types of users, regardless of their familiarity with technology or device usage. 

To create a familiar and intuitive interface, we looked towards the platforms that we found these users already use from day to day – primarily Netflix and the App Stores.

By reimagining the video library using the design methodologies and interactions users are already comfortable with, we were able to create a video library that users could get to grips with immediately, regardless of how tech-savvy they were. 

Built for a mobile-first user-base

Given the content – dog training videos – it was important that our work took a mobile-first approach, allowing users to watch the videos and play with their dogs “in the field”.

Of course, desktop users shouldn’t miss out, so we ensured the entire system worked perfectly on tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Discover something new, save the videos you love

We created tools that would help dog owners find new videos. The “struggle finder” helps people find games which will help them manage their dog’s biggest struggles, such as teaching dogs how to fetch, reduce barking or even to leave their toys behind. With the new interface users can search by ‘struggle’ and find related videos to help curb or encourage behaviours.

Favouriting videos was also a must, allowing users to save the best videos to a personal library for easier navigation and indexing while also providing a sense of ownership over the content.

No need for developers! Introducing custom management tools

Potentially putting ourselves out of a job, we built a custom management system for the Absolute Dogs team, allowing them to self-manage the entire video library. Adding new videos, creating icons and even customising the video-library’s homepage could be achieved without any developer input, allowing the team to make changes quickly.

Subscription automation and account management

To streamline the process of monthly subscriptions and renewal, we automated everything  with payments provided via Stripe and PayPal. To reduce the stress of user account amendments on the admin team, we upgraded users’ account management tools to allow them to change their personal information, manage their subscriptions, update payment methods and view previous and upcoming payments. 

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