Mobile-learning for healthcare training

Simple e-learning for on-demand learning

On Demand E-learning

Learning anytime, anywhere with Athena Healthcare

Athena Healthcare provides training for healthcare professionals. Their learners need constant access to learning material for on-demand learning, meaning that desktop computers weren’t always to hand. A mobile-friendly learning management system allows learners to log in and review material any time and from any device.

Simple to use, easy to master

Our custom intuitive LMS design ensures the system never gets in the way of the learning experience. The simple but attractive design ensures learners are never overloaded with information and never become confused with the interface.

Athena can create new courses without the need for separate authoring tools. What’s more, our client can modify courses on the fly without the need to export a course from an external authoring tool and import it back into the system. Edits can be made in seconds, ensuring content is always relevant and up to date.

What’s more, learners can be grouped and group leaders can be applied for easy management. Group leaders can review the progress of their learners, export reports and grade submitted assessments with ease.

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